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Your company website is the gateway to your customers and suppliers. Yet where do you turn when your site is not acting as expected. If it goes down, where do you turn and who is responsible?

IKIT Managed Web provides you with a team of specialised web, application and software developers combined with an expert team of IT professionals to support, maintain and handle your web and app requirements.

IKIT Managed Web Overview


Here’s some ways I Know IT and IKIT Managed Web can help:

A checklist of the common problems solved by IKIT Managed Web:

  • Website frequently offline
  • Concerned about site being hacked or your site has been hacked
  • Broken links
  • Too many 404 - page cannot be displayed errors
  • Pages not displaying right
  • Website Slow loading
  • Want to create a web app
  • Missing/not loading images
  • Not receiving ‘Contact Us’ notifications
  • Add a video gallery to your website to engage visitors
  • Prevent future hacks
  • Update content on an old site
  • A checklist of what IKIT Managed Web can assist with:

  • Solving the problems above plus...
  • Managing your website project from idea to delivery to ongoing support and advisory
  • Helping you design and build your first or next App
  • Creating and adding tools and resources such as online calculators, animated charts and diagrams to help generate more leads
  • Setting up digital libraries for all your documents
  • Securing and preventing unauthorised access to your websites
  • Backing up your websites and applications on a regular basis
  • Auditing your websites and website hosting providers
  • Recommending, changing or upgrading your hosting provider

    We’re here to help and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    James and the I Know IT Team


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